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BOOK REVIEW: Long Way Down by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Salutations! I hope you're feeling great on this Monday. Gosh, Mondays haven't changed so much since school. They're still dreaded and dismal. 
But on a brighter note, I'm going to give you a review of a highly anticipated novel at the top of my TBR list!

I can confirm that I completed Long Way Down in the early hours of this morning. My tears (both happy and sad) weighed a total of 7.5ml and my mood is forever changed. 

Here it is 

22024907With a seven-year age difference, Ryke & Daisy have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families. Known as the most adventurous, fast-paced couple — their next step has always been elusive to the rabid media.

Behind the scenes, heartbreaking troubles continue to test Ryke & Daisy’s resilience and shape their future together. 

They promise:

To never slow down. 
To never compromise who they are. 
To never abandon their love for each other. 

But preserving their happiness also means adding more risks. Ones that Connor Cobalt wouldn’t even take. As a professional free-solo climber, Ryke is no stranger to risk, but his next step with Daisy wagers more than just his health. 

With their lives on the line, Ryke & Daisy head towards the vast, wild unknown in this epic final conclusion to the Addicted series. 

*blows out long whistle* This novel, in a word, was fabulous. 

I mean, it's so much more than hottie Ryke (amongst the other guys) and crazy Daisy and their spicy s e x scenes and banter. 
This novel- this whole series- it welcomed me. I love this world. This is my happy place. It gave me a second chance and a second look at everything. Especially love. And friends and family. Granted it hasn't made me into a hopeless romantic, but I no longer roll my eyes at sappy couples, so win?

Back to the point: This series put the character development between our gang into perspective. This quote beautifully sums it all up:
''I've watched Lo become sober. I've watched Lily curb a relentless addiction. (I'm proud of you, sis). I've watched Rose blaze her own trail and put fire to stereotypes. I've watched Connor fall in love. With more than just himself. I've watched Ryke Meadows unclip his shackles and rise again. And me. I've discovered who I am. I'm not letting her go or hiding her to please other people.
I immensely delved myself into this novel and it was all worth it. The ninth novel :')
The plots got me crying but the happy moments, the banter, the jokes, the realism- got me on top of the world. 

I don't mean to keep bringing myself into this review but like music, and other forms of art, every story is a different experience for the reader. Whether it's what they've been through, what they're going through or what has yet to happen; you either relate and recount through reading or you dream. With your eyes wide open :)
That make sense? What I'm saying is that I needed this series. It helped me hold on. And I'll be forever grateful. 

There's nothing more to say, other than it was a brilliant way to tie up lose ends and end the series (but there is another follow-up - woohoo!). It did take me well over a month to complete it but that's just because I wanted to savour it lol. 

Time for my favourite quotes!

  • But seeing Ryke happy touches a place inside of me that won't darken so quickly. It may be the only part that stays lit when depression crawls my way 💘
  • For as long as I fucking live, I'm never letting anyone put out your light. They'll have to crawl over my dead fucking body.
  • ''Don't quit the fucking things you love, sweetie'', I tell [her]. It'll kill you inside.
  • I turn around to no one. The sky darkens. I scream without her. I live without her.
  • Daisy smiles more. Don't stop sweetheart. I kiss the top of her head...
  • He never gives up on me, even when I disappear at night. Even when I wane like the setting sun. His love is unyielding and exists to cloak me through laughter and pain.
  • I inhale the crisp air, waiting to feel better. I feel sadder. 
  • I understand being sad in ways that don't necessarily make sense. To wake up feeling a little dimmer than the day before, a little emptier, and his grief has manifested into his leeching sorrow. I see it in his eyes.
  • I know he's stronger now, but whatever's eating at him must be dragging him down.
  • It brightens something deep inside of me, something that's still fighting to stay alive.
  • While we rest in silence, pages are being written between us. Telling the story of a crazy, sad girl and a fucking dangerous, lonely guy.
  • I hold onto this, beyond everything else that's fucking gone. It keeps my head up. 
  • Stop pretending to be fine when all you really want to do is fucking scream?! 
  • I scream, so hard that my lungs bleed and my voice punctures the air.
  • I scream until it bursts into a cry, until my body is weightless and free. 
  • ..The guys who watched me flounder in Paris and find myself on a wild American roadtrip.
  • And I see us in the sky. I see us in the sun and the clouds. 
OKAY! I have to get to work and slightly stop myself before I type out the whole novel. However! I will continue with the quotes. 

I love you all so much, including the authors and characters of this series

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Music: My Style, My Story

 'We're all addicted to something that takes away the pain'

Hi there! Happy Hump Day :D I'm Nylah and I thank you for being here :)

Music is definitely a big part of my life. Even though people in my life believe music (or specifically the genres I love) are taboo or not for me, I disagree and keep going on doing what I do. 
I'm 100% certain that music is my drug. After a long day, I find myself craving to listen to music; not even the relaxing kind. Just music. For the fun of it, I tried to stay 'sober' for some 24 hours. I'm happy to say it didn't last. 

What do I listen to? What's the big deal?
I've found that I feel some sort of attraction to rock music, be it pop rock, emo pop, pop punk, alternative rock or indie rock.
My favourite artists include: [in chronological order]

  • Fall Out Boy
  • The Killers
  • Kings of Leon
  • Bon Jovi
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Coldplay
  • 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Busted

So where did it all start?
I was going through a very dark period of life, that I'll probably explain in a post eventually. Anyways, it started out with a YouTube recommendation. This magical sound I'd stumbled upon was 'The Kids Aren't Alright'. I was probably sixteen-seventeen (two ish years ago) and bear in mind that I was that 'Taylor Swift Sparks Fly' teen- up until then. 

Anything else seemed taboo or for vampires or forbidden. So The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy played. I remembered being both enticed by the sounds but also so slightly afraid of the album cover. Minutes went by, and I was curious. What was the story? Then finally, I found the album cover a work of art, of beautiful art. It tells a story. 
When I wasn't deciding my feelings toward the cover art, I listened to the lyrics. As a whole, the vocals of the lead singer were enough to sell me on this band. But, oh it was so much more than that. So much more. 

The name 'Fall Out Boy'. As a sixteen year old, I had never heard of that name, except for seeing Pete in one of those Top of the Pops magazines. I saw eyeliner and tattoos and shut the magazine, vowing to never love his band. Hilarious really, given where I stand today. What I didn't know about Pete Wentz was that he was depressed and suicidal and addicted and survived it all. And he's a great lyricist. 
All rights and praise to FOB and all but here are some of my fave lyrics:
I just did enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night 'til we're twins again
I need to keep you like this in my mind, so give in or just give up
I'm the lonelier version of you, I just don't know where I went wrong
And it's our time now if you want it to be Maul the world like a carnival bear set free and your love is anaemic and I can't believe- that you couldn't see it coming for me
When you ask, you ask, me how I'm doing like you know, you know how much better off I am-
And this is supposed to match, the darkness that you felt, I never meant for you to fix yourself 
Fall Out Boy were and are the foundation and like my baby, in terms of music. Like my all time favourite. I know the words to more than fourty of their songs. And each tell a different story. 

Along the way, wherein I was in transmission and my sister thought I sold my soul to a gothic cult, I stumbled upon a band that would only further my sister's concern. But they helped numb my pain. My Chemical Romance. The lead singer here shouted a lot more, but it was with passion. Their words were still cutting me deep. I found out about MCR just after their breakup.  
So give me all your poison and give me all your pills
Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading, so sick and tired of all the needless beating
What's the worst thing I could say? Things are better if I stay
It was the lie when they smiled, and said you won't feel a thing
I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene
I took the pills for these empty nights || So give me all your got, I can take it

Recently, I dared to listen to this song that I heard most people online have listened to and loved, even dubbed it a classic. None of my real friends had ever heard it. This song was, of course, Mr Brightside by the Killers. I loved it as soon as it started, which spiralled into a love of the Killers, and their separate endeavours. 
You shot me a smile and my cares were gone
Woman open the door, don't let it sting, I wanna breathe that fire again
You should've seen your little face, burning for love, holding on for your life. But All that I wanted was a little touch, a little tenderness and truth, I didn't ask for much, no. Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time
Well why can't I sleep at night? And why don't the moon look right?
Won't you lean it on me? Rescue, set me free
The stars in my eyes were shimmering lights
Coldplay, Bon Jovi and Kings of Leon were all constantly in my life, thanks to Mum. It's only recently that their songs have been more than just catchy choruses and killer riffs. 

I can't remember when I found and loved Mumford and Sons. Oh wait- it was an edit for the TV show Reign.  I loved the title of this one song Broken Crown. So I listened and I loved. I loved the old English feel to his husky voice and the lyrics- here's some examples:

And oh. My heart. Was flawed, I knew my weakness
Consign me not to darkness
I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under
Let's live, while we are young
 Okay, that's my story. I have to finish studying now so ta ta!!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Have any recommendations? Comment below!!!

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Relaxation Techniques & How to Collect your Thoughts

We've all has those moments, where you feel overwhelmed and just want to leave Earth for a bit. Whether it's due to school (public speaking, friends, crushes, deadlines, just the general distressingly plain routine), work (pretty much the same issues) or everyday life, I'm hear to explain how I relax and how I find comfort in collecting my thoughts through journalling. 

Basically, I've lived through all of these problems and waaaay more enough times to come back beaten and broken but wearing the t-shirt. I've gone through it all, so you don't have to ;)

Relaxation Techniques

What is it, to relax? Everyone's idea is totally different and that's brilliant. What I've noticed is that relaxation to most is an activity (for me, it is listening/singing atrociously along to my fave music at the top of my lungs and/or working out, reading books, etc). My sister's idea of being relaxed is taking a candlelit bubble bath. On the total opposite hand, my brother- the adrenaline junkie of the family- is relaxed hiking or just being out in the wilderness (if it's raining - #England- then he'll do the next best thing and either work out or play on his PS4). 

Something I've realised in my eighteen years being a somewhat tense, somewhat no-f*cks given inhabitant on this island Earth is that relaxation is a state of mind. 

Now before we fuel in the hate or snide remarks, no I am not hoping to receive glory for a breakthrough that's most likely already been figured out by professionals in this field. The reason I didn't put in a disclaimer is because, and this may not sound good in reading, but this is my blog and I have a freedom to write what I want (...within reason, as in no lies)

If I think I'm relaxed, then chances are I will be, no matter the situation. 

  1. Lavender oil is brilliant for relaxing you. BONUS: It helps induce sleep, too! Now, I recently fell into this hype, but it's absolutely great and makes me feel relaxed, just inhaling it.
  2. Do what I love. Yes, I could be painted a hypocrite for saying above that relaxation is a state of mind, rather than doing the activity you love but hear me out !! Whilst I contradict myself in the name of 'just because'!! Check this out: If you think you're relaxed, then you will be. Sooooo I'm not saying pull out a bubble bathtub in the middle of the subway but something compact. I'm gonna give you three examples: listen to relaxing music/music you love, bring a novel, bring a puzzle/crossword. 
  3. Lastly, journalling. Now journalling is something I've been indirectly doing for many years and actually acknowledged about a year ago. I would include pics but privacy aaaand my iPhone 6+ camera is shiat. This, very nicely and unplanned, leads me onto part two of this post. 

How to Collect your Thoughts

What do you mean 'collect your thoughts'?! Thoughts are not literal to physically collect
In a way, this is true. But not really. Collecting your thoughts means writing down what's running endlessly in your mind in the name of clarity, for you to take a step back.

Why should I collect my thoughts? What's the point?
Collecting your thoughts has more than one point. As mentioned above, for clarity. So you can read them and figure everything out (in due time, of course). Also because you can create memories of the good, the bad and the ugly. Bonus: You can make a pretty sick looking journal ;p
Collecting your thoughts is great for people who are not very open/comfortable telling people what's going on/have trouble compartmentalizing. How? Well, it's an outlet. It gets everything out of your system. 
Let me tell you an anecdote- Oh, great
So whenever I get a crush, I lose it. I always think about the person and the worst and most embarrassing thing is that I'll unconsciously start picturing romantic or even very real, very raw sitches with them. This is obviously embarrassing so I write it all out, get it all out and then throw them away. Sometimes, if it's a darn good piece of literature so I'll type it up on Wattpad!

Okay, but just the good thoughts, right?
No! Bad thoughts should also be written down. What you do with them after is your choice. Personally, I burn them. Or shred them if I'm in a milder mood. You could keep them in a separate (or the same!) journal and look back at them for progress. The list is endless.

If I didn't answer your question or if you want more information or just a good ole' hi/virtual hugs, you can either comment below and/or follow the desired social media link below. 

One last thing! Keep this quote in mind please!!
''You are not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness''

With that, I'm gonna go figure out which novel comes next. Ciao
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Saturday, 11 March 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Fuel The Fire by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Hi guys!!! 👋 👋 

Remember that book series that I mentioned here, here, here and here and how it's taken over my life?
Well I'm almost at the end of this oh so brilliant saga and so here's my review of Fuel the Fire. 
**Images and info will be up tomorrow;; this review is being done on my iPhone due to technical difficulties and the fact that I wanted to get the content out on the World Wide Web at least lol

UPDATE: Here is the updated version on my trusty laptop

Protect your family. At all costs.

It’d take the impossible to hurt Connor Cobalt, even for a moment.

Protect your family. At all costs. 

At twenty-six, his narcissistic tendencies have made room for the people he loves.

Protect your family. At all costs.

And he loves Rose. But when his love is threatened, when his greatest dreams with her are compromised — what is the cost then? 

Protect your family. At all costs.

Love will guide his choices. 
For the first time in his life. 

This novel was first and foremost, Connor's. I don't normally pay attention to covers. With that being said (aside from the fact that this one is 🔥 and oozes with Classy Connor), this novel was his. We get to see *POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT* crises taken on by C-Dog but the part that got me was the character development. And yes, I probably include that in all my reviews but it's trueeeee 💁💁
I mean, we had emotionless, smarts as Connor Cobalt when we first met him. Whilst he's still those things, he's only those to an extent. Rose has helped him overcome social boundaries. I'm not saying we have a Sheldon Cooper on our heads, but even Sheldon got the girl. 
One thing I wanted to see more was him peeling away that last layer, to see him crack (I'm not evil, hold back the pitchforks)

FTF was a hoot for banter. Honestly, I was in stitches of laughter. The banter in these novels between my friends  these characters is priceless and irreplaceable. 

Onto the negative. Like all the things we love (chocolate, an album- that one pesky song that you can't click with, cars), there were some things I found... not 100%. 
1. The plot
The major plot was Rose and Connor giving the media more focus on their relationship than their daughter. This includes being deliberately pictured by a pap called Walter going down on each other, with hickeys and different hair colours. 
The only flaw is that did they plan on being pictured until their daughter was 17? By that point, there'd be nothing inconspicuous about their relationship 

2. The overall rhythm 
I liked this book, yes. But the overall rhythm was steady. I'll admit there were points where I was feeling those emotions but for majority of the time, I was skimming the pages, hoping for it to end so I could read Raisys novel. 

All in all (is all we are 🎶), I enjoyed this novel. Was I happy I read it? Yes, the events were fab and I loved the gang and the love between our protagonists. 
Also, shoutout to Connor and Rose for opening me up (not literally) to BDSM and erotic asphyxiation✌️✌️

 (Taken from Goodreads rather than typed up from scratch from yours truly)
Here we go!

  • “There are rare people who will fuel the fire inside of you, who will awaken a dormant passion, who will push you and better you. She alone is my rarity.” 
  • “She fuels the fire in my soul, the embers slowly dying, and she tries feverishly to awaken me.” 
  • “Broken souls are mended every day by mended souls that were once broken.” 
  • “So long as I may be living, I live with you.” 
  • “If someone asked me to name the first two attributes of Ryke Meadows, aggressive wouldn't even be on the list. In the heart of his soul lies kindness, wrapped tightly in selflessness that shows in almost every action.” 
  • “I notice Ryke sitting on the edge of the bed with Daisy lounging drunkenly across his lap. “Big bad wolf…” She reaches up to touch his hair but her arm sags limply next to her. “Eat me.”
    It’s a provocative, intoxicated statement that I do my best to block out.
    Ryke lowers his head to her, kissing Daisy once…twice and then he says, “Every fucking day, sweetheart.” 
  • “This is about Ryke. We can’t burn his place of love.” I snort. “His place of love is between our sister’s legs.” 
  • “I whisper, “I can hear our hearts breaking.” A tear wets my fingertips, his tears, and his other hand encases my face, the way mine does him. 
  • “I’ve been split open. I’ve been spilled bare.''